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Pianist Patrick Lee Hébert has been gaining recognition as one the hottest new solo contemporary artists of his time. Hailed as "fresh" and "energetic", his dynamic concert programs are highlighted by his effortless virtuosity, natural musicianship and an engaging manner with audiences worldwide. These attributes have earned him a busy schedule of solo engagements, as well as many duet performances with guitarist Chris Lonsberry. Classically trained, Mr. Hébert expresses himself through a variety of contemporary styles and self-compositions with decided influences from the Masters.

Mr. Hébert's music has been described as "introspective", "contemplative" and can vary in style from "a slow, gentle vignette" to "intensely passionate with rolling arpeggios and crashing bass lines". He derives much of his inspiration from works of fine art, nature, and poetry, as Mr. Hébert himself is a published poet and twice winner of the Diamond Homer award.
In addition to the several concert tours taking him throughout North America, Patrick Lee Hébert is also the founder of Highland Piano Studios, an independent contemporary music label, consulting firm, and full-service music teaching center. Mr. Hébert's teaching methods and individually crafted programs have earned him a distinctive set of pupils and has made him a highly sought after teacher in New England and the Tennessee area.
Mr. Hébert has enjoyed a rising solo career with four solo recordings that highlight his technical prowess and conveys a spiritual connection with the artist. In addition to his solo works, Mr. Hébert has also released a compilation of duo works with guitarist Chris Lonsberry under the title Reverie.

Mr. Hébert was born and raised outside of Manchester, New Hampshire and attributes much of his imagery to his upbringing in a rural New England town. Mr. Hébert began studying piano at age 11, and quickly progressed through a dedication to the piano, and with the tempered instruction offered by his teachers. As his style progressed, so did his ability to interact with an audience. "He not only announces the works to be performed, but gives a commentary on the feelings conveyed by the piece. He delivers an introspective view of the inspiration for the work, and then with a fine display of impressive technical skill and emotions, he makes the audience feel the inspiration for themselves."
Hébert has performed classical pieces on stage for specific events, but generally delights in sharing selections from his many compositions. Influences such as Mozart, Chopin, and contemporary artists such as Erik Satie, David Lanz, and George Winston offer complexity to Hébert's compositions. "Although the audience delights in the whimsical, light-hearted piano pieces, Mr. Hébert's true legacy can be found in his big works; those that highlight his classical training and artistry."

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  • "I had always wanted to play the piano, but never thought I had the patience to learn to read music or learn how to play anything. I have learned so much with Patrick's teaching methods! Chords, rhythm, reading music... and the courage to play for my family and friends!"
  • - Mary, age 47
  • "My son was having difficulty in school, especially in math. I read somewhere that music helped with learning other things. Once we started lessons with Highland Piano Studios, I noticed my son was more focused and was enjoying his music, making him inspired to get his other studies done more quickly."
  • - Blythe, mom of Jon, age 12
  • "I like the music I hear on my iPad, but didn't want to learn how to play boring music like Mary Had A Little Lamb. Mr. Hebert helped me learn the basics so I could play other kinds of music - the stuff I like. It's cool!"
  • - Jenna, age 14