Highland Method

The Highland method was created when Patrick Lee Hebert began teaching in earnest in 1989. He found that the traditional music books for young students were lacking in several key areas. Compared to the European style of teaching he was trained in, the courses were very simple with little substance. Being a composer, Patrick put a very high value on theory and classical technique. Over the next five years he created a method that incorporated theory, sight reading and technique all in one customized course. Having no set “book” series, every student is taught in a flexible manner which uses his/her strengths to overcome obstacles. Along with hundreds of classical choices, the series has over 500 compositions and exercises in all levels so boredom is never an issue. A marked increase in progression is the hallmark of a Highland student, usually at a rate of three times faster than a standard lesson book course. Live performance is encouraged and made available several times a year to promote confidence and community service.

Chickering piano keyboard front view