Musical Composition

Patrick Lee Hebert has produced and recorded eleven albums to date. His musical output spans over 30 years and has evolved over that time. His debut album The Window was released in 1994 and portrays the raw emotion of a passionate artist. His latest works, including Reflections in the Mirror reflect the mature contemplation of a life that has seen many ups and downs and has been tempered by those joys and sorrows. You can purchase all of his albums as a download at:

Patrick Lee Hebert II debuted his first album in 2016 titled Looking Through the Rain. His musical style is similar to his father's but has it's own unique quality that invites the listener to contemplate his themes with an open heart and willing attitude. Patrick Lee has been composing since he was thirteen years old and is working on his second solo album which will be released in 2024. You can find his music at:

Patrick Hebert has been interviewed by Josee Vachon (Canada) and the Hooksett Banner newspaper on several occasions. He is played regularly on Whisperings Radio and Spotify Radio. Read a review by Kathy Parsons, music aficionado and official reviewer of new age artists, at to see what people are saying.

Listen to a Sample of Music by Patrick Lee Hebert II titled Nostalgia

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Looking through the Rain CD by Patrick Lee Hebert II cover
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