Tuning your Piano is Vital to it's Health!

Why should I tune my piano?
Piano strings stretch with age and humidity changes and need to be regulated to keep them producing pleasant sound. A tuned piano maintains it's value longer and helps prevent damage to the inner working parts caused by disuse.
How often should I tune my piano?
It is recommended by piano manufacturers to tune a new piano four times in the first year and then twice each year thereafter. At a minimum you should tune your piano at least once a year.
How much does it cost to tune my piano?
Prices range regionally but at Highland Piano Studios you can expect to pay $125-150 depending on how long it has been since your last tuning. If repair is needed to make your piano playable there would be an additional charge depending on the type of repair.

Uh-oh! My Piano Needs to be Fixed!

Trust us to get your piano back in good working order so you can enjoy it for years to come!
At HPS our fully trained specialist can fix most minor repairs (broken strings, sticky hammers, etc.) but can also handle more intricate assignments like regulation, shaving the hammers and putting new felts on the dampers and backchecks.